Stretch Film

Blown Film

  • Blown Film has superior cling for keeping pallet loads secure.
  • Excellent puncture resistance for securing irregular loads.

Cast Stretch Film

  • Stretch Film extruded by cast typically has a greater tear resistance, greater aesthetic values and are quieter as you unwind.

Machine Wrap

  • For high volume use with automatic machinery.
  • Available in clear and black.
  • Strong machine wrap to withstand sharper, heavier or mobile objects without tearing and requiring re-setting.

Bundling Film

  • Narrow Banding Stretch Film is wrapped around pallet loads, boxes or for bundling small items.
  • More economical and easy to use compared to other alternatives like tapes, strapping etc.

Coloured Hand Wrap

  • Coloured stretch film is a popular alternative when wrapping products.
  • Loads wrapped in coloured film are easily identified and tamper-evident.

Stretch Wrapping Machines

  • Full range of stretch wrapping equipment available


  • Lightweight hand stretch dispenser.
  • Ergonomic design.