Protective Products

bubble rolls

  • Slit rolls available for smaller products.
  • Available in a range of sizes and configuration.
  • Can be slit and perforated to your specifications.
  • Wraps easily around awkward packages and products.
  • Economical, versatile and effective protection for your products.


foam rolls

  • The ultimate surface protection.
  • Lightweight, non abrasive polyethelene foam.
  • Can be slit or perforated to your requirements.
  • Polyfoam is waterproof and provides excellent thermal insulation.

ecogreen bubble

  • Enviromentally friendly eco bubble is bio-degradable over time.
  • Has all the protection properties of regular bubblewrap without harming the enviroment.

bubble bags

  • Range of sizes to suit most products.
  • Cost effective way to protect small fragile items.
  • Save time and effort with these easy to use bubble bags.

bubble mailers

  • Peel and seal strips for easy sealing.
  • Paper envelope with bubble padding.
  • Provide excellent, all round protection.

air bags

  • Cushion Size: 200m x 200mm.and 100mm
  • Excellent alternative to messy loose fill.
  • Convenient and versatile cushions are perforated for easy use.
  • Perfect for void fill, provides excellent product protection and are reusable.