Strapping Products

poly hand strapping

  • Ideal for palletising or bundling.
  • Strong, flexible and lightweight.
  • Supplied in handy dispenser box.

polyester strapping

  • Alternative to steel strapping.
  • Light-weight and easy to use. No sharp edges.
  • Suitable for semi and fully automatic strapping heads.
  • PET strap retains tension and keeps your goods secure during transport.

poly strapping heavy band

  • High break strain and easy to use.
  • Very heavy duty for demanding jobs.
  • Won’t rust and stain your products when exposed to the weather.
  • Can be used with buckles or metal seals. Wire buckles allows strap to be retensioned at any time.

steel strapping

  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Smooth, well rounded edges.
  • Available in 12.7mm, 16mm and 19mm widths.

steel strapping dispenser

  • Stops rolls from self unwinding.
  • Easy to carry, front support for stability.
  • Available as trolley with tool and clip holders.

steel strapping tool

  • All in one pusher tool is highly efficient for round or small packs.
  • Tensions, crimps and cuts with one tool.
  • Quality tool at an affordable price.

strapping machines

  • Automatically tensions, seals and cuts the strapping.
  • Very robust machine with adjustable tension and feed length.
  • Suitable for 12mm x 3000m machine strapping.

strapping seals

  • Use with standard strapping sealers.
  • Quality seals are galvanised or zinc coated for extended life in outdoor applications.
  • Any strapping system is only as strong as it’s weakest link, so use these reliable seals with your steel strapping.

battery operated strapping tool

  • Battery strapping tool with adjustable functioning mode according to the application: automatic, semi-automatic, manual and “Soft”.
  • Strapping performed by pushing a single button (in automatic or semi-automatic mode).
  • Easy to use and simple to be adjusted.
  • Perfectly balanced. It can perform both vertical/horizontal strapping.
  • Brushless motor powered with last generation Lithium battery.

poly strapping dispenser

  • Suits PP machine strapping and composite strap.
  • Mobile and convenient for easy strap dispensing.